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CAT Running's Inaugural 5K Run/Walk -- Benefiting MEOW Cat Rescue
Sat. Oct 4th at 9 am at Marymoor Park, Redmond

Are you a runner? A walker? An animal lover? Then, lace up your tennies and join CAT Running for their inaugural run/walk to benefit the animals. MEOW is ecstatic to be the beneficiary of this event. We'll even have 4 MEOW supporters as race starters, thanks to CAT Running's donation to our recent auction fundraiser.  Registration is just $35 through September 18th ($30 if you register by August 31). Leashed dogs are welcome participants as well.

To learn more about the event and Cat Running, visit

Register for the event

We'll be there -- will you??

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Fine Wines & Felines 2014 -- do the Mew-allup! It was a fun and very successful event.

There are so many people to thank for making this happen again this year.

  • To our amazing business sponsors and donors - thank you for your generosity. Please consider patronizing these very generous businesses.

  • To our amazing volunteers who put in many many hours either before, during or after the event (clean up is always tough) - thank you for sharing a valuable resource- precious time.

  • To our guests who celebrated and had a great time (hopefully) and gave from their hearts to help the cats and dogs of MEOW -- thank you for energy, your willingness to participate and your very generous support.

We hope to post preliminary results soon!


Muireann (Mor'in)
So Much More than a Pretty Face-ADOPTED!!

Muireann is indeed a beautiful purebred chocolate point Birman. But she’ll tell you being beautiful isn’t everything.  At 14, she deserves to share her life with a human who will dote on her and shower her with love and affection. And yet, she was relinquished to us because her owner felt she was traveling too much to be a good companion for her.

She is just the sweetest cat ever.  While she lives with arthritis and is on medication to help with that, she doesn’t seem to let it keep her from enjoying life. Yes, perhaps climbing and jumping aren’t as easy as they once were, but that leaves more time for lap sitting and snuggling. She loves being petted and is interested in playing with toys as long as it isn’t too vigorous. She has lived with other cats, but seems to prefer the solitude of a one cat house and the devotion of a one cat human.

Muireann is a talkative lady, and will want to share the events of her day with you when you come home. She would be a great match for a single human, a couple, or a family with children who were gentle with her so as not to cause her arthritic pain.

If she has melted your heart, as she has ours, please print and fill out an adoption application and bring it with you when you come meet her (and fall in love).

Someone Made Room in Their Heart for Me - Tink Finds her Forever HomeTink -- Waiting for You

Update: In mid-July, after over 500 days at the shelter, Tink finally went home. While we are a bit melancholy that she won't be there to greet us with her meow hellos every day, we are thrilled that she'll belong to someone and be loved and treasured for the rest of her life. All the best Miss Tink!

My name is Tink. I am 10 years old and I've been at the shelter for almost a year now. Although they are very nice to me at the shelter and I have a private suite, I would really like to have a family of my own again.  It's reported that I can be a bit of a prima dona around other cats. Well...I really just prefer to have my humans to myself and not share them with other 4 legged beings. I'm in pretty good shape for my age. Yes, I'm on some medications (it happens as we get older, right?), mostly to control my mild inflammatory bowel disease. But, the medication isn't expensive and I'm good about taking it. I'm very active, love to play with string toys. But mostly, I love to be with people who I know and trust. I'm a great lap warmer and I'll make sure you feel loved every day. What more could a human want? Please fill out an adoption application and bring it with you when you come visit me (and take me home).


Upcoming MEOW Outreach Events

Saturday July 26 - Adoption Event at Mud Bay on Capitol Hill in Seattle10 am to 2 pm

Saturday Aug 9 -- Catapalooza Multi Rescue Organization Adoption Event at Seattle Humane Society in Factoria 10 am to 5 pm

 Adult Cat or Kitten: Which Is Right for You?

ArloMany people who decide to adopt a new feline think they should start with a "clean slate" by choosing a kitten. Many people like the idea of watching their pet grow. What most people don't realize, however, is that caring for a kitten is a lot like caring for a baby. Young kittens need almost constant supervision. You must kitten-proof your home from common household dangers - electrical and computer cords, knickknacks, household cleaners, drawers, window screens, toilet bowls, your feet, and other pets can place a kitten's safety at risk. Young children move quickly and like to hug pets. Kids can accidentally hurt a small kitten, which might bite or scratch if it's frightened.

On the other hand, the right adult cat is more likely to tolerate children and less likely to be injured. Senior citizens are often unprepared for a kitten's energy level and would actually get more enjoyment from the company of a calm adult or senior cat. Kittens are often underfoot and can cause even a sure-footed young person to trip or stumble, injuring both kitty and friend. Kittens have endless energy. Expect your kitten to spend its nights scaling your drapes and running up and down your stairs and across your countertops. Rarely will a young kitten sleep at the foot of your bed. Furthermore, kittens grow quickly, becoming nearly full size by six months of age but often continuing kitten behaviors for much longer.

An adult cat, however, is generally much calmer and less likely to get into trouble. And, because an adult cat is fully developed, you know what you're getting in terms of size, appearance and personality. For example, you can tell whether or not it is the type to sit on your lap. Depending on your own age and lifestyle, you may be happier with an adult cat in your family. If you have a quiet lifestyle, work outside the home, or have children under the age of six, give serious thought to adopting an adult cat or two.

CarmineThe best part about adopting an adult or senior cat? You're literally saving a life. Because most people want to adopt kittens, a cat's chances for adoption decrease with age. Most of these cats make wonderful pets when someone gives them a chance. MEOW is a no-kill shelter. The cats here will remain here, or in foster care, until they are adopted. Although their odds are improving, many older cats brought into shelters are euthanized. By adopting an adult cat from any shelter, you are helping to make room for another, who might otherwise be put to death.

Finally, at MEOW, we will not place a single kitten in a catless home or a home with only older cats. Kittens need a playful buddy, somebody to wrestle with, to bite and scratch, somebody to chase from one end of the room to the other, somebody to curl up with for a nap. Certainly, they enjoy human companionship, love to play with you, and will learn that a human lap is one of the best possible places to nap. But if they don't have a kitten buddy to wrestle with and to learn from, they may decide the human in their life is suitable for these rough activities as well. Once this inappropriate play behavior begins, it's difficult to break. If you do feel that kittens are the best choice for you, please be prepared for all that this will bring to your home, the good and the bad. If a pair of kittens is out of the question and you really want only one pet, do the right thing for everyone - adopt an adult cat.

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Several times a year, we pause, take a deep breath, and think about all of the wonderful things that have happened over the last few months. We then put these updates in our newsletter in order to share them with everyone who supports our work and believes in what we do.

Read Other Past Newsletters

If you would like to receive our newsletter in the mail, let us know.

Shopping Opportunities that Benefit MEOW all Year Long

Fred Meyer - NEW!

We have 46 households linked to MEOW so far. Our first quarterly check was $540! Thank you supporters!

Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to MEOW Cat Rescue by following the link below. Whenever you use your Rewards Card when shopping at Freddy’s, you will be helping MEOW earn a donation from Fred Meyer. At the end of each quarter, Fred Meyer will make a donation to participating nonprofits based on the accumulated spending of the Rewards customers linked to each nonprofit. If you do not have a Rewards Card, you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk of any Fred Meyer store. Learn More.

Link Your Rewards Card Now

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile Foundation will donate .5% of your qualified shopping purchases made through Select Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs (that's our full name) as the recipient and the cats and dogs of MEOW prosper everytime you shop. It works just like and your account is the same. Here's the direct link.

Register with and shop through our portal,  From 2% - 26% of your purchase price is donated to MEOW by the participating business. There are over 1300 businesses in, including pet supply stores, department stores, travel sites, booksellers, office supply stores, ebay, etc. The amount of the donation varies by business.

Create one of a kind gifts that feature your pet at and 50% of your purchase will benefit MEOW Cat Rescue. Everything from greeting cards, iPhone cases, coffee mugs to t-shirts and more. If you've just adopted a new family member, they even have adoption announcements.  It's so easy to give a gift that helps saves lives...Just select MEOW Cat Rescue as your designated organization, upload a photo, create a product, and save lives.






We have been honored with one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2013 from GreatNonprofits! We appreciate all of your reviews!

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to submit a review.

MEOW's Spay/Neuter Voucher Program Continues to be Part of the Solution

Thanks to the WA Federation of Animal Care & Control agencies and the Handsel Foundation we have been able to continue to offer vouchers for free spay or neuter surgeries for feral or free roaming cats; for cats belonging to anyone needing financial assistance; and cats who qualify for our Moms & Toms program. Since we received our first grant mid 2010, we have funded over 1100 spay/neuter surgeries.  While MEOW has often provided monetary support for community members needing financial assistance or those managing feral cat colonies, these additional grant funds help us do more. If you know someone who could use our help, please have them call the shelter (425-822-6369) or email us at

More information about MEOW’s Toms & Moms Community Spay/Neuter Program

Spay/neuter grant funds from the WA Federation of Animal Control and Care Agencies are generated from the sale of "We Love Our Pets" license plates. Your purchase of a special plate will fund spay/neuter surgeries and help end pet homelessness in our community.

Find out more about ordering a special plate.

Learn more about the WA Federation of Animal Control and Care Agencies

MEOW Cat Rescue License Plate Frames

Get yours today and help spread the good word about MEOW. Buy them online now via for just $5 plus $3 shipping (in the U.S.). Or, stop by the shelter and pick one up for $5. For international shipping, please contact the shelter at (425) 822-6369.





AniMeals Food Drive for Families in Need

Throughout this tough economic time, MEOW is hosting a pet food drive to help families in need. Please stop by the shelter with your donation of dry or canned pet food. Sometimes all that is needed to keep a pet in his or her home is a little food and a little help. Donations will be given to Hopelink in Kirkland for distribution.