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At MEOW We Celebrate Seniors All Year Long

Meet Patrick & Winch

Winch is an adorable 6 pound bundle of love!!! He represents his toy breed reputation well -- give him a lap and he's a happy camper. His green eyes are beautiful but not envious, as he loves everybody! At 8 years old, he has earned his senior status, but don't tell him that. He thinks he's still a puppy. In unfamiliar territory, he can be naughty with marking things but once he settles down into a routine he is a good boy. He has lived most of his life in a home, so he knows what it's like to be loved and cared for. He needs to be a on a grain free fish based diet to hep his skin stay healthy. If you'd like to meet this petite yet manly man please email dogs@meowcatrescue.org and request an adoption application.


Patrick is honestly the sweetest most loving boy! He came to us as a stray, starving, covered in fleas and with some hair loss. He's now putting on some much needed weight, enjoying life without fleas and his hair is growing back. What more could a dog want? How about the perfect home where he can play with his human family and then curl up for a nap confident that this will be his forever home? Although we don't really know his history, we think he's about 6 years old and could be a bear coat shar pei, which is why he looks like a Chow. If you'd like to meet this furry, friendly gentlemen please email dogs@meowcatrescue.org and request an adoption application.

The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

“Think of a pet that is already trained and doesn’t chew or scratch everything in sight — a pet who will love you unconditionally,” said Kim Saunders, Petfinder.com’s Vice President of Shelter Outreach and Public Relations. “That’s what you get when you adopt a senior pet.”

Some people worry that a senior pet comes with problems, but according to Hazel Blumberg-McKee of Tallahassee, FL, there are no disadvantages. “In most cases they’ve had a home and they want one again.” She adopted eight-and-a-half-year old Sadie, and has never regretted it. “An older animal is easier to deal with. And Sadie is still playful. She plays fetch and gallops all over the place.”

At MEOW, we have several loving, healthy senior pets like Sadie, looking for that one special home to cherish them for the rest of their life, and they don’t ask for much: just a warm place to sleep, good meals and plenty of love.


Grace - Happy, Healthy and Adopted!

Thank you to everyone who donated to help provide Gracie with the very best care. She is now living the good life in her forever home.



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We are thilled that Jack has, at last, found his forever home. After a long drive, he settled in quickly to his new digs (and his new family) in Canada. He may no longer be on US soil, but he will always be a citizen of our hearts. Way to go Jack. Have a wonderful life!

Jack is a striking purebred Shar Pei with a “flowered coat”. Flowers Jack has definitely settled in(spots) are a recessive gene in the Shar Pei and they were not prized, or even welcomed, by some breeders in the past.  We think Jack’s flowers make him a special boy. What’s more, he’s handsome as can be and loveable beyond words.

In addition to his beautiful coat, Jack is special in another way too. He has a condition called MegaEsophagus, which means his esophagus is enlarged and makes it extremely difficult for food or water to get into his stomach. In order for Jack to keep from regurgitating his meals, he is fed in an upright position, standing on his back legs.  A special chair has been built for him, which makes the process much easier and definitely more enjoyable for Jack. Other than meal times, which may seem a bit odd to the first time observer, Jack is like any other young dog; full of life, playful, and wanting a family of his very own to love. This little flower is ready to bloom.

Happily, Jack's condition, now that it's been diagnosed, doesn't require specialized veterinary care.


Consider Adoption—Purebred or Mutt?

There are many dogs waiting for homes in shelters all across the country—and an estimated one in four is a purebred! MEOW Canine Division serves as breed rescue for Chinese Shar Pei for all of Washington, Oregon & Idaho. We also rescue Great Danes, hairless breeds and all other dogs as space permits.

Adoption Guidelines at MEOW Canine

  • Foster Homes: All dogs are in foster homes - NOT AT THE SHELTER. While they are in their foster homes we work with the dogs  so we can learn about their nature. They will be placed into adoptive homes that fit their needs. To learn about a specific dog, please carefully read the information posted. - PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE MEOW Cat Rescue Shelter number.
  • Application Process: The first step is to fill out an adoption application. Once you have filled it out, it will be reviewed by an adoption counselor. Once you have passed this step in the process, you may make an appointment with the foster parent to meet the dog and have a home visit.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: MEOW Canine places dogs and puppies in INDOOR ONLY homes.  We take seriously our commitment to ensure that the animal is never in harm’s way.  Dogs are social animals and need attention and social activity.
  • Home Visits: Before an adoption, a representative of MEOW Canine will visit your home to help with logistics and share advice on how to have the best relationship with your new dog.
  • Ready for Adoption:
    • Vaccinations given
    • Worm and flea treatment given
    • Spayed or neutered
    • Microchipped
    • Veterinary exam completed
    • Medical and/or behavioral issues, if any, have been addressed.
    • Includes coupon for free exam by your own King County veterinarian.
  • Lifetime Commitment: It works both ways. We trust you to make a lifetime commitment to your new pet, but we have also made a promise to safeguard each and every MEOW Canine rescue dog. If at any time, one of our dogs cannot remain in their adoptive home, we will gladly accept them back.
  • Adoption Fees: Adoption fees help defray the cost of care for the animals and may vary based on the individual animal.

How Can You Help the Dogs?

  • Volunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations. Spend a few hours each week or month helping to make life better for dogs and puppies in need of a forever home.
  • Foster Homes provide temporary care. Foster dogs need love and attention, handling and a safe environment that will allow for initial meetings followed by integration into the household. Necessary medical care is paid for by MEOW Canine Division. Items supplied by fosters are fully tax deductible.
  • Transporters provide safe passage for dogs from local shelters and from shelters in high risk rural areas of WA, OR & ID, as well as getting dogs to vet appointments and making supply pickups. Cost of fuel and mileage is tax deductible. Fuel cost may be reimbursable by prior arrangement.
  • Events to support MEOW Canines are very important.  Volunteers are needed to set up and tear down, to speak with the public and to handle dogs.
  • Donations are tax deductible.  You may mail your contribution to MEOW Canine Division, PO Box 144, Mercer Island, WA  98040-0144 or donate on line (link to paypal with subject populate “Canine Division”).

Rescue by the Numbers

  • Just 15 years ago, 17 million homeless, abused and abandoned cats and dogs were being put to death in shelters across the United States.  Today that number has been reduced to 6 to 8  million.  We must do better. (Source HSUS.org)
  • Approximately 1 million puppies are produced through the puppy mill system in the United States each year. When you buy a puppy from a pet store, you support puppy mills' mass breeding and inhumane practices. (Source ASPCA.org)
  • There are approximately 77.5 million owned dogs in the United States. 39% of U.S. households own at least one dog and 19% of owned dogs were adopted from an animal shelter.