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Latest News

Happy Endings

We have so many great stories to share about cats and dogs. These are just some of the happy stories that remind us of just how important our work is. If you've adopted a dog or cat from MEOW and would like to share your happy ending, e-mail your story and picture to

See a full list of adopted cats.



Posted on 4/5/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator

Simon weighs ten pounds now. This ten pound bundle of joy is doing great and loves humans. He gets up with me every morning and when I get out of bed, he stands up on his hind legs and kisses my face. He acts like I'm the most wonderful human he has ever known and waits for me to get ready so he can go downstairs with me. He is the most happy cat I have ever known.
Just touching base,

Lil Bit and Lil Romeo

Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator


I adopted my two beautiful babies (Lil' Bit & Bam Bam) just a few days before Christmas and it took them till the weekend after to stop hiding under the bed while I was at work. I loved that when I got home, I could go straight to my room and look under the end of bed and find the two of them there. Once I took them out, one by one and cuddled them, they would spend the rest of the day playing all over the apartment! They were NOT fond of New Years Eve though! I was out of the apartment when the fireworks went off and when I came home (even though the noise had stopped) it took me about 2 hours to get them out from under the bed! Both of them are HUGE cuddler's and compete for my whole lap! Whoever doesn't sit on my lap will climb up and sit on my shoulder until the other knocks them off. I did change Bam Bam's name to Lil Romeo (Bam Bam just didn't suit him). Lil Bit recently discovered that she does NOT like bath tubs full of water, when she decided to walk the edge of a full bath that was draining! She fell in and was out before Lil Romeo knew what happened! About 5 minutes after that, Romeo found that he loves to play with spiders, but is not happy when they don't run or when I take them away! They sleep in my bed every night, usually starting out at my feet and ending up on my chest. These two are doing very well and are the PERFECT addition to my home!!



Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator


My mom and I adopted my kitty, Athena, from you around ten years ago, as my Christmas present. I think she was called Adriana when you had her. She was seven months old, skinny and adorable. Now she's nearly ten years old, chubby, and still adorable. Even though she's been on a diet for quite a while now, she's pretty healthy, and we hardly ever have to take her for extra vet visits. She's also a very good kitty; her one thing she does that kind of annoys us is meowing very loudly in the morning.
Most of the time she just sleeps, and during the winter she likes to curl up on my feet (best space heater ever). I'm away most of the year for college these days, and I miss her whenever I have to go back to school. She misses me too; every time I get home she runs up to me, rubs my legs and purrs like a little motorboat, then follows me around like a puppy. She even comes when I call her sometimes! She doesn't really play; instead she sits on my bed while I sit at my computer and gives me a nice purring soundtrack (she's actually doing exactly that while I write this). Even when she's just sleeping, she's absolutely adorable. I'm thinking about trying to get into the school apartments that allow pets so that I can take her with me to school; having a kitty to purr at me after a long day of college work would be awesome.
Athena is my fuzzy buddy and I am so happy that you let my mom and I adopt her all those years ago.
Thank you so much!
Anya and Athena

Benji and Lindsey

Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator

We adopted siblings Benji & Lindsey just after Christmas in 2012. They're doing great! Super affectionate with the family and very happy to have found a home together! Benji sleeps beside our 3 year old son while Lindsey has adopted his 6 year old brother. We're lucky to have found each other.

- the Buddie Family

Stevie & Lotus

Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator

Hi MEOW Team,

I wanted to send you an email and say THANK YOU so much for helping my husband and I meet our "fur children" Lotus Pot Pie and Stevie. We adopted the girls in mid June 2012 and they have been just an absolute joy to have in our life ever since. They are so full of energy and love, we enjoy so many laughs each day watching them play and hang out with us. They are not from the same litter but they took to each other instantly and constantly cuddle up with their paws wrapped around each other. Sisters for life :)

Stevie is quite the talker and enjoys having frequent conversations with us and telling us what she's thinking about life. She is a cuddle bug to boot. She curls up in our arms and likes to sleep on her back with her four paws sticking out, it's ridiculously cute. She also loves to talk to you while she's "sleeping". We make little noises and while she's curled up asleep, she'll meow at us. So stinkin' cute. Lotus is definitely my girl. She follows me around the house day and night and doesn't let me out of her sight. It's so sweet and she is just the biggest love and like Stevie, a big cuddle bug.  She has the softest, sweetest meows and loves to let her people know how much she loves them by giving lots of head bumps while purring as loud as she can. She loves to chase her feather toy and do amazing back flips and pirouettes to catch it.

We wanted to send you a special thank you for all that you do and are so grateful that you connect these amazing animals with their new forever homes. We love our girls and they will always have a forever home with us. We can't imagine life without them.

Thank you for connecting us with our very much loved fur children,
Kristin, Jake, Lotus and Stevie


Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator


Just wanted to let you know that Wendell is amazing & fitting in so well.  He's up to 5 1/2 pounds now & getting bigger every day!  Here's a picture of him with his big brother Oliver!

Take care!!

Clancy, Harley, and Jack

Posted on 1/16/2014 by Happy Endings Administrator
My MEOW boys, Clancy, Harley and Jack, are all thriving.  Clancy is well into middle age and is now a confirmed lap cat.  He had all of his teeth removed this past year, and as a result of no longer having a painful mouth, has gained at least two pounds.  It was the best thing I could have done for him - he's clearly a much happier cat now that he's a toothless wonder.
Jack and Harley (aka Bluto and D-Day, aka The Fratboys) continue to keep me on my toes.  They are endlessly creative in the ways they find to keep themselves amused.  Their latest stunt, a couple of nights ago, was to tear open a bag of fingerling potatoes I'd brought home from the store and proceed to distribute potatoes all over the house.  I found potatoes in my bathtub, on top of my washing machine, under the sofa... I'm still not sure I've located all of them.  Lucky for the boys, they are absolutely adorable and therefore incapable of making me angry.  Jack in particular is Mister Personality, and he makes me laugh every single day with his shenanigans.  In all my years as a cat person I've never met a cat so thoroughly interested and involved in everything I do.  Jack is an Engaged Cat; he's a Participating Cat; and he's a Supervising Cat.  From morning (when he actively oversees my shower and helps me brush my teeth) to night (when he helps me open cans of cat food, helps me scoop the litterboxes, and helps me fix - and eat - my own dinner), Jack is right there every minute making sure all of my domestic activities run as smoothly as possible.  I have no idea how I ever managed without him, and neither, I'm sure, does he.  :-)
Here's a picture of Harley and Jack taken during a rare moment of quiet in between all of the wrasslin' and ankle-bitin'.
Best wishes to everyone at MEOW from all of us.



Posted on 12/3/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator

Hi from Luna, (formerly Cashmere),

I thought I let you know how happy Luna is in her new forever home. I adopted Luna about  6 weeks ago.  Luna found a nice place to hide for about a 3 and half days before she started to explore the Condo.  Luna has a big bedroom all to herself but she has a favorite spot on a conformable chair under the dining room table.  Luna has had a vet visit and is very healthy.  She does need to put on about 2 pounds and has taken to eating up storm.  She now loves her dry food over the wet.  She loves to have 2 bowls of water to drink from. I think she just likes playing in the water more that drinking it.  She splashes water everywhere.  Luna also likes to send the kitty litter all over the area where the litter box is, but we don’t care, it sweeps up nicely.  She is very shy when friends or family come to meet her but it doesn’t take long before she warms up the them.  She loves kids. I think that's because they play with her and all her new toys.  In the evening she has taken up running up and down the hallway at top speeds!  She’ll sit on the top of the couch to look out the window and the neighbor cat sitting in his widow.  They are trying to have some kind of conversation.  It’s very funny to watch her watch and talk to him.  She also has found her reflection in the mirrored closet doors and wonders where that other cat is?  If only she know it was her own reflection!   She is just now starting to trust me and will come and lay on the chair or couch next to me when I settle down to watch TV.  She loves music so I keep the radio on while I’m away from home.  I could not be more happier now that Luna has come to live with me.  She has helped me heal from the heart break of the lose of my beloved cat Simba.  Luna will be forever loved my me and my family.

Thank you for being so kind and letting me adopt this wonder kitty cat Luna.


Tully--One Year Later

Posted on 9/27/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator


Hello MEOW!
Jessica & Tully here. Just wanting to let you know that Tully (formerly Duchess) is doing wonderful here in her forever home.  She likes to sit by the window and meow at the birds and the chicken that meanders through the yard. She tells me about her day after I get home from work, and every night she has to be picked up and brought to bed (Even though she doesn’t stay long) just to get some cuddle time. If I forget, then she sits in the living room and meows until I go grab her.  Tully wants you to know that she is very spoiled here, and she has me wrapped around her paw.
Thank you so much for taking such great care of Tully before she came home with me. I hope you know she is a VERY loved cat- my little love bear!
Jessica and Tully


Posted on 9/27/2013 by Happy Endings Administrator


Zita (aka Pepper @ MEOW) became a member of my household in January 2002.  She was a shy, quiet little kitty (born 7/1/2001) when I first brought her home.  I had adopted her to be a playmate to a little kitten I had adopted from a friend.  After a few weeks of hiding wherever she could fit, she finally came out and explored her new home.  She and Kirby (my original kitty) quickly became the best of friends.  She helped him learn good kitty behaviors :-) and they explored together!
I have had Zita for 11.5 years, and she recently turned 12 years old. She is a precious, loving little girl (the name Zita is supposed to mean little girl in Tuscan Italian).  She has adjusted to several new furry roommates in those 11+ years, and taught all of them proper feline behavior - and to respect her as the head of the kitty kingdom!
She loves hanging out near a window - to watch birds, scope out any intruders in the yard, and to bask in the sunshine. She talks to me every morning when I wake up, and never forgets to let me know when it's time to feed her (and the other two kitties).
Thank you MEOW for helping me find this wonderful cat, and to her former foster mom for taking such good care of her until she found her forever home!